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Apartment Building Fire Victim Needs Your Help With Money To Resume Life

A cialis generique friend of mine told me about Begslist and told me to post a plea for help. Hi!! My name is Chet. Three weeks ago my apartment complex in South Philly was destroyed by site fiable pour acheter du cialis generique a 3-alarm fire. I was not home at the time when the… Continue Reading

Things Out Of My Control – Controlling All!

Taught in the M.E for 4 yrs, returned to Australia with a failed marriage. Homeless with my 8yr old son till I had to pay 6mths in advance on rent to a real estate in order to secure accommodation – used the rest of savings on a cheap car. Forced to live on credit… Continue Reading

Lost It All

Hi, we are viagra y embarazo a family of four from Tully in North Queensland. unfortunately we lost our home and our belongings in the cyclone which hit last week and we are now with my family in melbourne. I have 2 young girls (4 acheter viagra pour homme generique and 1) and we… Continue Reading

House Burned To The Ground No Contents Insurance

My parents home burned to the ground recently and they lost all of their belongings and two beloved pets, they had no contents insurance. They live off of social security and don’t have enough money to replace any of their levitra online uk usa belongings. I have helped them does generic viagra work\ cialis 5… Continue Reading

Please Help, As I Am About To Lose Everything

I am single mother. And, i was recently made redundant. It has been very hard recently for myself and my two year old son, living from hand to mouth while trying to find a job. Things are turning for the worse, as i am about to lose my house because i cant afford to pay… Continue Reading