Helping New York City turn used items into donations

Apartment Building Fire Victim Needs Your Help With Money To Resume Life

A cialis generique friend of mine told me about Begslist and told me to post a plea for help. Hi!! My name is Chet. Three weeks ago my apartment complex in South Philly was destroyed by site fiable pour acheter du cialis generique a 3-alarm fire. I was not home at the time when the fire started. When I came home, I stood in disbelief while my home of two years was burning. Most of all the apartments, including mine were heavily damaged. The fire marshall gave some of us only a brief amount of time to retrieve what we could carry and leave. I told the marshall where my apartment was and he told me that viagra los angeles area was a complete loss and order cialis I could not retrieve anything. I was referred to a hotel nearby as a temporary shelter paid for by a non-profit group helping the fire victims until they set me up with a homeless shelter. I am still at that homeless shelter. Thanks to the non-profit group, I have some clothes and shoes. I have very little or no pocket money. Some of the money I had stashed away at the apartment was lost along with some valuable possessions. Although my job is part-time and buyviagraonline-rxstore pays very little, I could not afford renters or fire insurance because order cialis it interfered with the rent, utilities etc.. I have nightmares about that fire everyday. It has left me emotionally depressed. I’m asking anyone reading this posting viagra at cvs to please donate what you can. how do you take viagra

Even if its $1, $5, $10, whatever, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless!!

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