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1940s Framburg/Dale Model Company toys – $450

1940s Framburg/Dale Model Company toys – $450

I have six vintage WWII toys from the 1940s. Made by the Dale Model Company of Chicago and sold as toys, these were originally designed and sold by
the H.A. Framburg company as military recognition models. These were used to train the U.S. military. Near the end of the war, Mr Dale, an employee of Framburg
left the company. He was given the right to manufacture these models since Framburg was no longer interested in making them(no more government contract)
and would return to making lamps. Mr Dale added working wheels and axles as well as moving turrets. The pieces I have are “one family owned”.

Armored Car T1: $90
Med Tank M4: $75
Stuart M5 : $75
75 MM Gun Car M3 (1/2 track): $90
Duck : $75
Jeep : $75
Priest M7 : $75

All are in good condition.
The 105 MM Howitzer on the Priest M7 is loose.
All are complete as pictured.
Willing to negotiate pakage deal.

Thank you for looking. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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